What we offer in Pilates Studio58

We offer both private and small group classes.
Our group classes are limited to small numbers with correction of technique as prime focus. All exercises can be progressed to make them more challenging or regressed to make them easier. Therefore Pilates is ideal for people of all ages and abilities, as well as for those with injuries or physical limitations.
Group – a small group class with technique correction and exercise progressions.
Private – a one to one class to target your personal goals, improve your golf swing or sporting technique, or for specific needs.
Rehab – remedial sessions for those with specific problems.
Cardio – an advanced level for those with Pilates experience.
Remedial massage, to release tension and for relaxation, break down adhesions and flush out toxins, or release muscle knots.
Several specialised massage techniques are used to locate and repair damaged tissue.
Massages are to stimulate¬† the body’s own repair mechanisms.
Sessions usually take 30 minutes for a specific area, or an hour for a whole body massage.